July 3rd & 4th 2015
36th Annual Kiwanis Virginia Street Dermatology Midnight Run

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  • In the history of the run we have never had to delay or cancel the event,  However; this is Florida and it could rain at any time and at any place.  So just because it is raining in your neighborhood does no mean
    we will rund the event if the conditions are
  • If the race is cancelled we will make every effort to mane race t - shirts available for pick-up to all pre - registered runners and to those who might want to purchase om

There is no rain date. 

If the race is canceled we will make every effort to make the t-shirts available for pickup to all pre-registered runners and those who might want to purchase one.

We will run the races if conditions are deemed to be safe after consulting with the sheriff, fire, and EMS.  This might include running in a drizzle or light rain.

If there is lightning in the area at race time we will not run the races, but if the weather is clearing we will try to have a delayed start.

If conditions do not allow the 10K luminaries to be lit in the park the 10K will be shortened and will not enter the park.

The best course of action is to consult real time weather radar in making your decision to come to the race.

This is Florida.  It can be raining across the street and not where you are.  There has never been rain delayed or canceled event.  There has been rain on the course prior to the on time start of the event.