July 3rd & 4th 2019
40th Annual Kiwanis Midnight Run

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  1. We anticipate between 1,600  and 2,000 runners for all events.
    • Over 60% participate in the 5K.
    • Just under 35% register race night.
    • Come early.  Register Early.  Give yourself time.
    • Everyone is eligible for the drawings.
  2. Each race will have its own race bib.  The 5K and 10K runs will each use timing chips attached to the race bib.  If you sign up for multiple races you will receive a race bib and chip for each race.
  3. Race night registration is to the right (North) of the Sheriff's Youth Ranch Opportunity Store next to the large color LED information sign.
  4. For race night registration, all races use a common registration station.
  5. Preregistration check-in is in front of the Sheriff's Youth Ranch Opportunity Store.  This is to the LEFT of race night registration.
  6. All races will start on Causeway Blvd. near the Causeway Shopping Center parking lot East entrance.
  7. All races are run entirely on Causeway Blvd.
  8. The finish line for all races is in the parking lot of Causeway Shopping Center.
  9. There are two water stations.  Both are accessible out bound and in bound for the 5K and 10K runs.
    • The first water station, for the One Mile, the 5K and the 10K, is at Gary Circle West, just before the draw bridge over the Intercostal.
    • The second water station, for the 10K, is at Royal Stewart Arms, between the second causeway bridge and the park. 
  10. Rain Date.
    There is no rain date.  If the race is canceled we will make every effort to make the t-shirts available for pickup to all pre-registered runners and those who might want to purchase one.

    We will run the races if conditions are deemed to to be safe after consulting with the sheriff, fire, and EMS.  This might include running in a drizzle or light rain.

    If there is lightning in the area we will not run the races, but we might have a delay in starting.

    If conditions do not allow the 10K luminaries to be lit the 10K will be shortened and will not enter the park.

    The best course of action is to consult real time weather radar in making your decision to come to the race.
          This is Florida.  It can be raining across the street and not where you are.  There has never been a rain delayed or canceled event.                           
          There has been rain on the course prior to the on time start of an event.