July 3rd & 4th 2019
40th Annual Kiwanis Midnight Run

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Race night registration

Race night registration opens at 10:30 p.m. and ends before the race starts.

Pre-registration is recommended.  Tee shirts are guaranteed for runners who pre-register.  Race night will be limited availability.

Race night registration cards and pens will be on tables in the registration area.

There are four registration lines; one each for the one mile and the 10K and two for the 5K.

Bring completed registration cards to the correct line.  If running multiple runs, pick the shortest line


  •         Legible and complete registration form.
  •         Be courteous to others and save yourself time, have the registration complete before you get into line.
  •     It is ok to bring a completed registration with you.  This will save you time.
  •     The volunteer will have to clean up illegible registrations.  This will take your time.

    Please make sure:
  •         You marked the correct run.
  •         Your Name is filled out completely.
  •         Your mailing address, with City and State is clear.
  •         Your Gender and Age are completed.
  •         You SIGNED and DATED the registration.
                 Minors under the age of 18 years will need a parent's signature.
  •        Have your cash or credit card payment ready.
  •       After the registration is reviewed for completeness and receiving payment 
         you will be given your registration envelope.