July 3rd & 4th 2020
41st Annual Kiwanis Midnight Run

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The Rules - Information

  1. The One Mile, 5K, and 10K runs use "disposable chips".  They are attached to the race bib.
  2. Arrive early.  Allow yourself time to get your race bib/race chip and warm up.
  3. Each race will have its own bib and chip.  You will receive one for each race.
  4. 5K and 10K runners will start on both sides of Causeway Blvd.  One mile will use the outbound traffic lane.
  5. At the first bridge runners will merge to the right lanes.  From this point runners will only use the right lanes.
  6. No dogs on the course
  7. Skates and Roller Blades are not allowed on the course
  8. Walkers are allowed to start behind all other runners in the 5K Run and One mile only.
  9. Walkers are not allowed in the 10K Run
  10. Strollers are allowed to start behind all other runners
  11. Non competitive wheelchair participants are allowed to start behind all other runners.
  12. Competitive wheelchair participants must call for further instructions.
         Wheelchair participants MUST call (727-535-2257) by June 27, 2018 for information and special registration

The race course is on Causeway Blvd., a Pinellas County Road.  
The Pinellas County Sheriff 's Office is in charge of all matters relating to the race course before, during, and after the runs.